Our story

Since 1989

Ing. František Hendrych, who is its founder and owner, was founded in 1989.

Aircraft production has become an integral specialization, which Ing. František Hendrych participated in Motorlet​ ​Jinonice and subsequently in Aviation Repairs in Malešice, where he went from assembly to test rooms​ ​of jet engines in Stará Boleslav, the so-called ÉČKU.

Diploma thesis Ing. Františka Hendrycha was on the engines of Czechoslovak-made powdering planes, which crashed after 21 hours of flying. The problem was revealed in the planetary gearbox, where the selection and assembly of the planets did not have the same production tolerances, and this was the case for all 3 planets used. At full power, which these planes flew for most of the time, i.e. “start – landing”, was transmitted by only 2 satellites out of 3. The discovery of this dangerous defect was discovered completely by chance when measuring a freshly imported crash. By mathematically verifying the transmitted power of 2 satellites at full power, a real lifetime of 21 hours was actually obtained. The subsequent solution of Ing. František Hendrych, the threat of air accidents was definitively eliminated.

Planetary gearboxes for aircraft models, manufactured by the company Ing. František Hendrych in cooperation with top modellers, are realized under constantly new requirements to increase performance, quality, durability and weight reduction, as well as affordable prices.

All this was achieved and is successful, as these gearboxes are represented in the F5J category, where at the European Championship in Trnava there were approx. 235 competitors and of these 165 participants flew with these drives. The F3A category is represented by competitors Ing. František Hendrych at the national and European championships in Japan and the USA.

Also very popular are indoor contra-runs, which weigh only 8-10 g and can fly with models weighing 60-150 g. Their lifespan is calculated at 50 hours. Because the company Ing. František Hendrycha works with the most modern technologies and has many years of experience proven in practice, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

The entire range has a 2-year warranty, including service and repairs. We work with M. Valentou, Z Frydrýn F3A – counter runs, with Ing. P. Lišhák – F5J and other top pilots and experts in this sports sector. Our drives and gearboxes are used in car and boat models, due to their reliability, quality and price.

This fact constantly moves us forward into the world of modeling, which has become our life motto and the joy of our users’ progressive successes, which is binding for us.